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 I help client's reach their goals for health, beauty, relaxation, and stress relief. My massage practice includes many different kinds of massage; 


Acupressure, applying light finger pressure to acupoints and meridians of the body

 Chromatherapy, using colored light to affect dysfunction or ailments in the body

 Cranial Sacral Therapy, based on John Upledger's theories affecting the cranial sutures, the spinal column and sacrum

 Injury Massage, can be helpful in recovering from a variety of injuries or strains

 Shiatsu, a Japanese style of massage incorporating passive stretching and rhythmic finger pressure along meridians of the body 

 Structural Integration and Bodywork, furthering the work of Ida Rolf using structural integration to help correct postural dysfunction returning the body to homeostasis

 Reflexology, working the hands and feet to affect the body systems and organs of the body

 Russian Sports, uplifting, upbeat massage, revitalizing massage focused on the athlete or competitor 

 Swedish Massage, long massage stokes can be light and relaxing or deep tissue but always a relaxing option to lengthen and lighten the body

 Trigger Point Therapy, focused deep tissue on "knots" known as trigger points that can refer pain to other areas. Can be described as a "hurts so good"




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